BB690 - Ghanzi Small Holdings x 3 - Title Deed [Ref BB690]

For Sale
P 1 302 000,00


Great Price

Ghanzi Small Holdings x 3

Plot 1 - P420,000.00

Plot 2 - P462.000.00

Plot 3 - P420,000.00

Each held under separate Title Deed

Can be purchased separately

Plots are contiguous

Game fenced with the power line running on the boundary fence

One plot has a borehole delivering 30,000L per hour.


Ghanzi is a town in the middle of the Kalahari Desert the western part of the Republic of Botswana in southern Africa. The region is the country's pride in contributing a large portion towards the beef industry. In fact, Ghanzi farmers provides about 75% percent of beef exports, according to the Botswana Meat Commission, primarily to the United Kingdom and the European Union[1]



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